Prater, sells original, high quality printed work by photographer Christian Liliendahl.

At Prater we believe that everyone should be able to have beautiful works of art on their walls.

No matter what product you choose, all prints are made with the highest quality of photographic fine art printing. 


Our Classic Collection are made in-house.
Printed on Hahnemühle - PhotoRag and Baryta.

Our Limited Edition are custom made prints and frames, made by the best labs in Denmark. Paper and frame are carefully chosen in a collaboration between the customer and us at Prater. 


Our founder, Christian Liliendahl, has a degree in photojournalism from The Danish School of Media and Journalism and has spent the past 15 years travelling the world, from the Americas, to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The archive of Christian Liliendahl shows the wide range of commissions and personal projects he has undertaken doing these travels. From the tropics to the artics, from conflicts and natural disasters to paradise landscapes and humours animals. 

A particular love for the US was sparked from a young age by countless road movies and photographic essays. Time and time again Christian Liliendahl has crossed the pond to embark on his own trips through the deep south and across the great plains.